Lenin: Documents, Facts, Recollections = Ленин: документы, факты, воспоминания = Lenin: documenty, fakty, vospominaniya

Central Studio of Documentary films, Moscow
L. Kristy
6 film reels (50 min.) : release print, b&w ; 35mm
Russian central studio of documentary films , Moscow
Russian central studio of documentary films , Moscow
Associated material:
Original films are housed in the Russian State Film & Photo Archive in Krasnogorsk, accession # 25541

Scope and Content:

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Lenin: documents, facts, recollections

The film is constructed as a montage of documentary photographs and film clips, taken during and after V. I. Lenin’s life. There is footage of the memorable places where Lenin lived and worked, as well as significant places associated with Lenin after his death, including the Mausoleum and archives of the Marxism-Leninism University. The film includes personal accounts of people close to Lenin, including Anatoly Vasilyevich Lunacharsky, Maxim Gorki, Gleb Krijanovski, sculptor Aronson, Mayakovski, John Reed, Sergey Esenin, Nadezda Krupskaya, Bertram Russell and more recollections of Lenin’s colleagues. The film also briefly displays footage of Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw’s visit to the USSR in the 1930s. The Brest-Litovsk agreement and the Civil War situation in Russia are mentioned. The film concludes with praise of Lenin’s importance to every person in the vast Soviet Union.

Film Clips (Windows Media Player Required):

  • View an original clip from the film
  • View highlights of the film, set to Liszt: Etude no.3 “La Campanella” Allegretto. Compilation produced by Olena Vivcharyuk, Ryerson student.



Read a complete transcription (PDF) of the film, translated into English.