Lenin is Alive = Живой Ленин = Zhivoy Lenin

Central Studio of Documentary films, Moscow
Mikhail Romm
3 film reels (30 min.) : release print, b&w ; 35mm
Russian central studio of documentary films, Moscow
Original films not available for viewing. Digital copies may be requested and viewed onsite in Special Collections.
Associated Material:
Original films are housed in the Russian State Film & Photo Archive in Krasnogorsk, accession # 25076

Scope and Content:

Film chronicles the life of V. I. Lenin from 1918-1921, incoporating live footage and documentary photographs of Lenin on the Khodinski (or Khodynskoe) field; around the Kremlin with V. D. Bonch-Bruevich; at the opening of K. Marx and F. Engels monument in Moscow; at the funeral of Mark Elizarov, Y. Sverdlov; pronouncing a speech at the demonstration on May 1st, 1919 and at the accompanying military parade; also pronouncing a speech from a balcony of the Mossoviet building (live audio recording of Lenin’s speech); and unveiling a monument to Free Trade Work and Karl Marx. Lenin also appears among delegates of the Second Congress of Commentern, and presenting a material at the Third Congress of Commentern. At the end of the third part there is a clip of Lenin with the American economist Kristiansen.

Film Clips (Windows Media Player Required):



Read a complete transcription (PDF) of the film, translated into English.