Leniniana Collection Series List

  1. Documentary Films. – 1969; 1984 – 17 film reels: 35 mm, 15 black and white and 2 colour. The 17 reels make up the following 4 movies: “Lenin is alive” (1969), “Lenin: pages of bibliography” (1969), “Gorki Leninskie” (1984), “Lenin documents, facts, recollections” (1969).
    Restrictions on access: Original films are not available for viewing. The DVD format is available for viewing in Special Collections only.
  2. Posters. – ca. 1967-1990. – 288 posters Series comprises three sub-series of large and small posters, all featuring rallying slogans for the Soviet Party and the face of Vladimir Illych Lenin. There is also a selection of citations to individuals issued by the Party.
    • Large Posters. – 1967-1990.– 133 posters Sub-series comprises posters with the face of Vladimir Illych Lenin, with such slogans as “We Must Try to Raise the Party’s Authority Higher, Higher and Higher,” “The Party – Intellect, Glory and Conscience of Our Epoch,” and “Listening to You Comrade.”
    • Small Posters. – ca. 1986–1990.- 105 posters Sub-series comprises posters with the face of Vladimir Illych Lenin. Posters usually are arranged in sets of 7 or more.
    • Citations. – ca. 1978-1989. – 50 textual records Sub-series contains documents designed to be presented to individuals in honour of their work or military performance on behalf of the Soviet Party.
  3. Postcards. – 1958-1990. – 55 postcards Series consists of postcards relating to Lenin, some issued during his time in the Kremlin, and one set issued during the Russian Revolution.
  4. Books and Periodicals. – various books, 1 newspaper Series consists of books on the topic of Lenin. The books have been catalogued by Ryerson University Library and are available in the Library Catalogue. Series also contains seven issues of various periodicals with articles or subject matter pertaining to Lenin, including Pravda (an issue of Russia’s daily newspaper); Ogoniok; Time; The Economist; Marxism Today; Playboy; Genys (a monthly magazine for children).
  5. Records. -1979-1990. – 9 audio recordings: 33 rpm and double 33 rpm records
  6. Pins. – ca.1960-1990– 2,183 pins Series consists of decorative pins, many used to designate membership in a club like the Octoberists or Young Pioneers. Many are duplicates.
    Restrictions on access: Some of the pins have been mounted in plaster for display and the plaster boards are difficult to retrieve from the stacks. Please check and see if the pin you wish to see can be found in any of the loose bags before requesting these items: 2008.005.155 & 2008.005.156.
  7. Bookplates. – ca. 1950. – 50 bookplates Series comprises 50 bookplates printed with black ink using a woodblock process. They bear imagery of Lenin or Soviet symbolism and Russian text.
  8. Paintings, Rugs and Embroidery. – ca.1950-1970. – 1 painting: oil on canvas; 2 painted carvings; 1 print on paper; 7 textiles: 2 embroidery, 2 cross stitch, 3 woven Series comprises paintings of Lenin on canvas or on wood, woven rugs, sashes and various needlework with Lenin as the subject.
  9. Postage Stamps. – ca. 1960-1990- various stamps: 46 envelopes, 4 albums, 1 folder and 1 framed stamp Series consists of several collections of postage stamps pasted into albums, and envelopes with stamps printed on them.
  10. Notes, Coins and Commemorative Medals. – ca.1919-1961. – 9 bank notes. – 65 coins – 42 medals Series consists of paper and metal currency, and medals. One of the notes belongs to the 1924 redenomination of the Soviet ruble, the rest are from the 1961 redenomination.
  11. Sculptures, Reliefs. – ca.1970-1991. – 41 sculptures Series consists of sculptures and reliefs of Lenin, as well as a piece of marble from Lenin’s mausoleum. Media include metal, wood, bronze, plaster, stone, plastic, glass, porcelain, and clay.
  12. Flags. – ca.1923-1991 – 49 flags Series consists of flags and banners, very similar in style, often awarded in competition and sometimes titled a “challenger” flag.
    Restrictions on access: The size of some of the flags makes them difficult to retrieve and unroll, so each flag has been digitally photographed. The archivist will ask that you consult these digital images first.

Leniniana Collection Item List

  1. T-Shirts. – ca. 1980-1990. – 2 textiles: t-shirts Grey cotton shirt printed with the slogan “McLenin” (issued to resemble McDonalds’ logo) from Kiev, Ukraine, and a white cotton shirt with the USSR crest and KGB abbreviation.
  2. Matrioshkas. – ca.1990. – 2 wooden dolls Two sets of painted wooden nesting dolls of Soviet political figures.
  3. Cigarette package. – ca.1990. – 2 packages Two packages of cigarettes issued by Prima Nostalgia, with a graphic of Lenin on the cover.
  4. Death Mask. – ?. – 1 mask: plaster Item is a plaster mask made after Lenin’s death.
  5. Porcelain commemorative plate.- ca. 1957-1970. – 2 plates Two commemorative white porcelain plates, one with gold trim and writing, with an image of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the sickle and hammer, and a boat. The second has a portrait of Lenin done in relief.
  6. Wrist watch. -1990.- 1 watch Item comes in a plastic box. The letters (CCCP) in red appear on the watch face, with a red star at the 12 o’clock position. Plastic box is pink and grey tortoise shell. There is a paper tag tied by string to the watch with the letter C on it. A fake wristband around the watch is made of paper.