Ryerson History

Egerton Ryerson’s Commission as Superintendent of Schools in Upper Canada, 1846

Egerton Ryerson

“On the importance of education generally we may remark, it is as necessary as the light-it should be as common as water, and as free as air….Education among the people is the best security of a good government and constitutional liberty, it yields a steady unbending support to the former, and effectually protects the latter. An educated people are always a loyal people to good government; and the first object of a wise government should be the education of the people….Partial knowledge is better than total ignorance; and he who cannot get all he may wish, must take heed to acquire all he can. If total ignorance be a bad and dangerous thing, every degree of knowledge lessens both the evil and the danger.” Egerton Ryerson (1803-1882) An early editorial from the Christian Guardian, founded by Egerton Ryerson (1829)

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