Daisy the Computer, 1968

daisy_computer93-300x202_watermarkedThe first computer installed at Ryerson was an IBM 1620 in 1963, for use only by students in the Business and Electronics programs. In 1966, the Institute purchased its first general purpose computer, an IBM 360-model 30, and christened it DAISY ( “Direct Access Information System”). Its functions were varied and included student registration, payroll, grade reporting, library circulation control, academic support and student directories. Considered the heart of the computing centre, DAISY was upgraded several times over the years, up to the IBM360-65 model in 1973. The following year, the Joint York-Ryerson Computing Centre, the first fully cooperative computing venture in Canada, was established to pool resources and staff and provide services at minimum cost. This development spelled the end of DAISY, as the computer was replaced by a superior model. It was temporarily dismantled and returned for reassignment to the American company from which it was leased. (Doc. File: Computing and Communications Services)