Points of Interest from the Collections – The Creation of the Archives part deux

To round out the month looking back at the creation of the Archives, We have discovered the first Archives report dated June 29, 1971.

It was interesting reading for Archives staff as it answered questions about the collection and how it was filed and stored.  It also delves into the beginning of the retention of objects as a way to preserve Ryerson’s history along side the textual and published materials.

To view the report click on the picture below:

A report of the Ryerson Archives by James Peters Archivist for President Donald Mordell June 29, 1971

Many of the items mentioned in the report are on display or in open storage in the current Archives reading room. This includes Egerton Ryerson’s desk and bust, The Ryersonian and Eyeopener newspapers, and the course calendars.

We encourage you to stop by the Archives and take a walk through Ryerson’s history.


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