Digitized AV Resources

Material in the Library Collection

Videos and DVDs in the Ryerson Library’s Audio-Visual collection can be shown in the classroom for educational purposes only. The Library does not provide access to any material derived from unauthorized duplication, off-air taping from the television or downloading from the Internet without copyright permission. You cannot break Technological Protection Measures of library obtained materials to make material available online for your students, or make a copy of the material. If you require streaming rights please see Streaming below.

Streaming Video

Streaming is available for a limited number of resources.

Information for Faculty:

Audio-Visual Services may request, on behalf of faculty, digital rights for streaming selected video titles in the Library collection. Cost, conditions for use, and expiry date vary depending upon rights owners or distributors. Subject librarians will be consulted for payment of streaming rights, at their discretion. Check with Audio-Visual Services to see if a specific title in the Library collection is available for streaming. To integrate access with e-reserve in D2L Brightspace, check with the Library’s E-Reserve service.

Feature Film Licenses

As of Nov. 7th 2012, public performance rights for educational use of features films and other audio-visual works in the library collection are no longer required. Exhibition in public of any library obtained audio-visual titles for a purpose other than education is an infringement of copyright.

Online Access to Library Databases

The Library subscribes to a number of databases that provide online access to images, music, sounds and spoken word recordings:

Alexander Street Press

ARTstor Additional Information about this resource

Curio (CBC) Information about the Database

Kanopy Information about the Database (Faculty use only)

National Film Board

National Film Board of Canada(NFB) for Educators Information about the Database

Naxos Music Library Information about the Database (maximum simultaneous users – 10)

Naxos Video Library Information about the Database (maximum simultaneous users – 5)

Proquest Nursing and Allied Health

Nursing video training program (Click on browse tab to access video clips).

Access from home requires an active my.ryerson account with Library privileges. The terms of use, in general, are similar to accessing articles and journals, but please check the license or copyright agreement for each specific resource whenever such an agreement is available.

Some licenses do not permit downloading or burning to CD/DVD any of their media content. As an authorized Ryerson user, it is your responsibility to ensure that you always use these resources according to these stipulations.

Free Sites

There are free sites that allow downloading of images but mostly for personal use only and not for commercial purposes or for communication to others, unless permission is obtained from the copyright owner. Check the Library’s Copyright FAQ under digital formats. However, as long as the material is posted by the copyright holder, the material is freely available on the Internet, and is not protected by Technological Protection Measures (like passwords, or behind a pay wall etc.) you can stream this material for educational use in the classroom without the need to obtain public performance rights. Another option is to make material on the Internet available to your students as a link. Please check that the material you would like to link to has been posted by the copyright holder (legally posted).