Paul Trumphour: Bridging the digital divide in a connected world

Paul Trumphour, Director of Transitional Projects for the Toronto Public Library, discusses his role in supporting digital literacy through technologies and programs.

During his 30-year career as a TPL librarian he has served as acting Director of the Information Technology department and as Director responsible for the Web Services department. From his professional perspective observing an increasingly-connected world, Paul recognizes the critical importance of access to digital information and technology for individuals to fully participate in society. His talk will demonstrate how the TPL encourages and fosters digital literacy by providing a range of digital technologies and skills building programs.  From state-of-the-art Digital Innovation Hubs, to providing the opportunity to “borrow” the Internet, the library plays a key role in bridging the digital divide.

Date: November 24th, 2016
Time: 4:00 – 5:00pm.
Location: SLC508 (Student Learning Centre, Room 508)
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